This whole tutorial segment is delightfully fourth-wall-breaking.


This whole tutorial segment is delightfully fourth-wall-breaking.

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SHONDA RHIMES ‘A screenwriter’s advice’

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Yes, yes, yes.

I know a lot people who failed in graduate programs (or failed soon after) not because they weren’t smart enough, but simply because they didn’t work. And I mean “work” work. I spun my wheels for a while in graduate school too. Until I realized my dissertation wasn’t going to write itself. And until I realized my dissertation would never be perfect, but it would be completed. And until I realized I would never publish until I sent manuscripts out for rejection.

We emphasize dreaming too much. We don’t emphasize the practical “nuts and bolts” of just doing the mundane work. We should.

"For the white man to ask the black man if he hates him is just like the rapist asking the raped, or the wolf asking the sheep, ‘Do you hate me?’ The white man is in no moral position to accuse anyone else of hate! Why, when all of my ancestors are snake-bitten, and I’m snake-bitten, and I warn my children to avoid snakes, what does that snake sound like accusing me of hate-teaching?"

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LOL so much was said with so few lines.

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"Hence I have no mercy or compassion in me for a society that will crush people, and then penalize them for not being able to stand up under the weight."

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"The cultures of people of color are either packaged for consumption or called upon to fill cultural and spiritual voids of Eurocentrism."

Michael Vavrus

That shit blew my mind and made understanding cultural appropriation way clearer for me. 

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